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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Okay, having 4 daughters I have watched over the years as the high school dance invitations have morphed into major productions.  I know it is not just our high school when the Wall Street Journal publishes an article about the wild Promvitations kids are doing.  Sometimes they are fun and sometimes just crazy.  Not only are the invitations creative, wild and sometimes over-the-top, but then the person invited has to prepare a fancy way to answer the invitation.

Today's post comes from a moderate close-up of the bouquet of flowers left on our front porch--along with many other items--as part of the Promvitation my last daughter received for her first Prom dance coming up in May.  The flowers were beautiful, the invitation was creative and appropriate.  It was not one of the over-the-top things many kids are doing.  By the way, having raised 4 daughters and having been married to my sweetheart for over 33 years I have learned a very important lesson.  It is pretty obvious but if you are still clueless, let me explain it to you.....females LOVE flowers!

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