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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I am catching up slowly

Here are a few more of the photos from my past daily posts to Instagram (I am slowly catching up by bringing every photo from my daily iPhoto challenge to this blog).

Arizona provides some beautiful desert landscaping.  In the right light it becomes even more appealing.

Desert flower

Schnepf Farms in San Tan Valley, Arizona offers hundreds of acres of local farm produce, farm animal displays, park like areas for the family, a few rides for the kids, great food and fun activities for all.  It is worth stopping by for a visit and some local crops.  One of their colorful signs caught my camera's attention during our visit:

Pig face at Schnepf Farms

Old things tend to stand out from the ordinary.  This old and rusted produce scale hanging among several just like it from the same time period just shouted out for some attention.

Weights and Measures

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