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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blast from the past

In my process to post each daily iPhone photo I have taken since I began my personal creativity challenge to do so, I still have many that were posted on Instagram in the past but have not yet made it to this blog.  This post is to catch up and post a few of those pictures from the past.

For years growing up I used to have a recurring nightmare that I would forget the combination to my school locker.  Every time I see a Master combination lock I recall these dreams...

Remember the combination

The first Star Wars movie was released almost 25 years ago.  Unbelievable!  I still remember the night I saw the film.  I was working in Santa Barbara selling books for the summer.  We had rented a space in a lady's home and went to the movie one night.  Upon exiting the theater we looked across town to the mountain side and the entire horizon was on fire.  A major forest fire was blazing!  I looked at my roommate and we both said, "Isn't our house over there?"  It was.  We hurried home to see the fire coming over the hill above where we were staying.  We quickly packed our belongings and prepared to evacuate.  For half the night we sat on the curb watching as people evacuated from their homes above.  Many would stop by us and just be crying as they watched their multi-million dollar homes go up in fire and smoke.  Luckily, the fire finally stopped as they had evacuated homes to within only a block of our location.  It was a memorable night--Star Wars and then the forest fire.

Started almost 35 years ago.  Wow!

A sea shell from our collection we keep in the bathroom as part of the decor.

Down by the sea....

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