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Loving my camera on the iPhone and photo processings apps.... Here you will find the results of my personal creativity challenge--posted one picture a day for years-now it happens a lot less. The post processing is done using only iPhone or iPad apps. Explore! Enjoy!

Saturday, March 31, 2012


We have a pot of dried sticks decorating our family room.  A photo of the branches with a little color correction to turn the white wall into a blue tint results in today's daily iPhone photo post:


A few more posts from past daily entries on Instagram

Snapped a common public restroom sign, converted it to a color pencil sketch in the PhotoStudio app and created this one:

There are still some places where I will NOT answer my iPhone

Since I post each daily photo on Instagram and also on my Pinterest page (see I have the "pinned" term forefront in my mind.  This gave rise to the following photo.


Sometimes even the obvious becomes the subject:

Sometimes it is just obvious.

I loved this old merry-go-round horse on display at a restaurant shop in Arizona:

Second Chance

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A few more catch-up photos from the past daily stream

From my wife's workroom:

Quilt pieces coming together

What is in your washroom?  Lessons for life....

Hot or cold?

Another appearance from "Joe"


From our recent trip:

Arizona Morning

Grandkids rock!

Not your grandmother's Blendtec blender

Will it blend?  I love my Blendtec blender. So far I have run it through almost 1,600 cycles. I used it again for my morning breakfast fruit smoothie this morning. As I eat breakfast I look at a shelf we have in the dining area that displays several antique items. This is one of those items:

Not your grandmother's Blendtec blender
Maybe grandma could not grind up a shovel handle in her blender bottle (for those of you who don't know what I am talking about you might want to visit and watch some of the Blendtec blender videos) but she could make a mean batch of whipping cream!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Yep it has happened to us all.  Admit it.  You too have been there.  You just have to go.  You can't hold back any longer.  You race to the closest toilet you can find, after what seems like an eternity you finally deal with your clothes and are able to actually do what you came to do.

Ahhh!  Relief!

Only then do you look around and finally notice that the toilet paper roll is empty....

Yep it has happened to us all.

Regardless, I still say that indoor plumbing is one of the greatest inventions of all time.

What is your story?  How did you recover from your stranded state?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

She really does love flowers.

Still posting some of the older daily posts to catch-up.  There are so many that will be brought here from past daily Instagram posts.

Give them today!  No occasion needed.

It is coming.....

Wake up!  Summer is coming!

Before and After

From this

Starting capture

To this finished product


How I did it. Simple really.

This final photo from previous postings ended up like this:

His Majesty will see you now.

You will notice that this little Lego man--lets call him "Joe"--shows up in my daily photo every once in a while just to keep things light.  Anyway, this photo started out when I noticed the pillow on our sofa and its decorative trim.  Here is the location shot:

Living Room setting
Then Joe found his way into the "tent" and I moved in close with the iPhone to take the picture that would ultimately be processed.  I took about 5 pictures and chose the best one for the next step.  The selected pre-processed picture looks like this:

Pre-processed picture
From here I took opened the picture in Filterstorm, cropped it, then opened it in PhotoStudio and put in a vignette and the frame.

That is all it took for this finished product. Once I saw the pillow on the sofa, got the idea for the photo and completed the final edits only about 5 minutes of time had elapsed.  Oh yea, Joe is always close by too.


It took me many years to make the switch to digital photography.  I really am so old that I learned photography when we had to wait hours, and in most cases, days to see the results of our photos and we let the labs do all the work.  Post processing back then meant going down to the lab to pick up the prints.  Things are a "little" different today, aren't they?

Relics from my past


Daily Dose
Yes this really is my daily dose of supplements.  Nothing prescribed, just my way of creating expensive urine and feeling healthy.  I have been doing this some 15 years now.  Half is taken with breakfast and half with dinner.  And yes, despite having bad genes my blood pressure and cholesterol levels remain normal for many, many years after the age when both of my parents required medication.

Previous Photo Post

A fun photo.

Don't spill the apple cart.

A decorative tricycle that sits in front of my fireplace.  Placed on a seamless white paper background under two overhead incandescent light fixtures--one on either side (note the reflections of the lights in the plastic apples).  Processed in Filterstorm for cropping  and saturation and in PhotoStudio for the pencil sketch effect over the entire photo except the apples and for framing.

Previous Photo Post

Again, from historical daily photo posts to Instagram.  Part of my daily diet.

Boneless Chicken Dinner

Simply an egg taken from my refrigerator, balanced on a piece of black acrylic plastic using a piece of play dough for support.  Light is from two overhead incandescent light fixtures.  Processed in the Filterstorm app cropping and the PhotoStudio app for framing.  Simple yet effective.

Previous Photo Post

I have a lot of previous posts to bring to this blog.  Here is another.


Previous Photo Post

Here is the first of many iPhone photos from my past posts to Instagram that I will slowly move to this blog.


Just hanging out at the party

The Beginning

This is day 53.  For the last 53 days I have created and posted one iPhone 4S photo (processed solely on my iPhone and/or iPad) onto Instagram.  Each photo is then also posted on

  1. my Flickr photostream (, 
  2. my Twitter stream (DadCollinsPhoto) and 
  3. my Pinterest Board (
I started this self-imposed project to challenge my creativity and get engaged again in the photography world after a bit of a sabbatical.  

So I finally decided to move this activity to this blog space.  Over time I will post all the prior iPhone photos onto this blog and I will post each daily photo here also.  I plan to also include some occasional how-to tips and descriptions for select photos and a few of my personal thoughts once I get going. 

So for the first blog photo post I include here my 53rd day photo:

What lights your fire?
Just an iPhone photo of the flame on a BIC barbecue lighter in front of a black background.  Processed with the Filterstorm and PhotoStudio app for cropping, framing, contrast and saturation adjustments.

More to come.......