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Loving my camera on the iPhone and photo processings apps.... Here you will find the results of my personal creativity challenge--posted one picture a day for years-now it happens a lot less. The post processing is done using only iPhone or iPad apps. Explore! Enjoy!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Get Down!

Oh, to be kids again.  No worries about what others may think or say.  When they see something interesting they get down close and check it out, even in public places--because they are more curious than socially conditioned.  When was the last time you spied something interesting in the middle of the mall, got down on your hands and knees for a closer look and stuck your face right down to the ground in wonder?  Oh, to be kids again...

Get Down!
iPhone 5S, Native Camera, Snapseed, PhotoStudio

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Original Image

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