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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Angel Moroni--the Mormon temple topper

After attending a family wedding at the Draper, Utah temple I captured this image of the gold plated statue of Angel Moroni--the statue that tops off so many Mormon temples around the world.  As you notice when comparing the final image to the original image I did have to crop quite a bit since my vantage point was clear down on the sidewalk.

Interesting fact about the Angel Moroni statue that adorns so many Mormon temples--The original idea to use the prophet from the Book of Mormon to top the temple came from sculptor Cyrus Dallin, who was not a member of the LDS faith. Dallin was asked by LDS Church President Wilford Woodruff to create something for the central spire of the Salt Lake Temple.  It was Dallin who decided to sculpt Moroni.  The rest is history.  Well it's all history.  Who knew?

Angel Moroni--the Mormon temple topper
iPhone 5S, vividHDR, Snapseed, PhotoStudio

Original image:

Original Image

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