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Monday, August 11, 2014


Okay, time for that contest I have been contemplating.


Yep, a nice man's Rockwell watch.  It is "The Apostle" model.  I received it at a corporate event, wore it once and it just isn't me.  So the lucky winner gets this prize shipped to them (yes you will have to send me your shipping address) and I will pay the postage. 


In a shameless promotion of views into my daily iPhoneography blog here is the contest.  I have been posting a daily photo taken by my iPhone since March 27, 2012.  During that time my Lego friend has appeared in many a daily post.  His name is Lego Man Joe.  Lego Man Joe appeared again in today's daily post--see the post immediately prior to this contest post.

So the contest is in two parts.

Part 1:  To qualify in Part 1 participants must correctly state the number of daily posts in this blog that have contained Lego Man Joe since the beginning of this blog--from the beginning through today which is August 11, 2014.

Those who correctly guess the number (as counted by me using this blog as the data source) will qualify to move to Part 2.  

If there is only one correct answer in Part 1 that person becomes the default contest winner.  

If there are no takers or no correct guesses then I will have to figure out some other way to find a home for this fine watch.

If there is a tie--more than one correct answer, we move to the tie-breaker in Part 2.

Part 2:  The Part 2 tie-breaker will consist of a photo contest on Instagram.  Those who qualify will have 2 weeks to post a picture on Instagram with a "later to be named" unique hashtag and at the end of those two weeks whichever posted photo has the most Likes will be declared the contest winner.


Part 1 begins today and ends at midnight MST on August 22nd.

If we need a Part 2, qualifying contestants will be notified in the comments section of this blog post on August 23.  Then Part 2 will begin when the unique hashtag is distributed and last for two weeks.


It is my contest.  I am the final arbitrator of any judgement calls.  I just want this fine watch to find a good home and get a few new faces to take a look through my blog.  I did mention that this was all a shameless (and obligation free) promotion of views into my daily blog, right?

Good luck and thanks for playing!

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