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Friday, May 4, 2012

Shark Bite?

Having lived all of my adult life with only nine toes, I still often am asked what happened to that second toe that is missing.  Since I am usually asked when we are on a boat or near the water when I happen to be barefooted, I respond to children saying, "Shark bite!"  That usually makes for either an eerie silence or unlocks the flood gates....

I will play it up for a while touting the advantages of missing one of the middle toes--I have a spot to rest the tip of my fishing pole while laying down on the boat.  That does not last long because everyone knows I do not fish--fish just stink up the boat.  I finally do come clean and admit to the boring industrial accident that smashed my second toe beyond repair and also smashed my big toe before I turned 19.  I still have to use the Dremel tool grinder to shave down my badly shaped big toe nail every few months.

I like the Share Bite explanation better....
Shark Bite?

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