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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


So during the vintage and custom car show held in Moab, Utah a couple of weeks ago, we were walking down Main Street watching the "show" as the vintage and custom cars drove back and forth all evening long--sort of like an informal parade.  Some would show off their stuff like the low-riders that would rise and lower the front and back of their cars as they drove by, like the hot rods that would burn some rubber on the streets, like the loud exhaust rumble from those with no mufflers, like the old vintage cars with grey haired drivers waving at the crowd....  Good times were had by all.

As we walked down the street I came upon this Cobra parked at the curb.  A beautiful vehicle that attracted my attention.  Since it was parked I pulled out the camera I had with me (iPhone 4S of course) and began to take some pictures.  The more I took the more I saw.  I was circling the car taking pictures.  Even laying on the ground and getting all kinds of views and experimenting with different camera apps.  So while I was doing this the owner walked over and asked if I would like to buy it.  He was disappointed when I told him I just wanted pictures, although I did complement him on such a beautiful vehicle.  At the same time he slipped a non-discrete For Sale notice onto the driver's seat.  As he walked away I looked at the notice.  I could have driven away in this beauty for only $50,000.

This image was made with the Pro HDR camera app that let me capture the top of the car, the surrounding landscape with the setting sun and also let me capture the detail inside the dark radiator snout.  A little tweak of saturation and cropping in Filterstorm and a frame and vignette from PhotoStudio finished up the image.

Sure wish I would have had an extra $50,000.....  Next time maybe I'll ask to at least take a test drive while I "consider" the purchase.


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