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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Piano Recital

For today's post I will share the evolution of this final image taken at my daughter's piano recital this week.

The final image:

Piano Recital

Now that is nowhere close to the first image.  Let's go on the journey.

So we are at the piano store where they have so many beautiful new pianos that are just pieces of art (more images from that part of the visit to come in future posts).  In the auditorium we are sitting through the piano music pieces of all the students.  When my daughter plays I am just enjoying the moment.  She has played for many years and we have many pictures so I did not even bring a camera this time--only my iphone camera.  My wife leaned over near the end of her piece and asked if I was going to take any photos.  I quickly opened the Camera+ app and snapped a few photos just prior to the end of the piece.  Here is the original photo that I later worked over for the final image.  It all started out from this last second, hand held, picture taken with the only camera I had with me....

Original image

From here I began to work on the photo.  I played with it in Filterstorm and Snapseed and came up with this next image after some cropping and adding some effects....

Evolving image after some post processing

Subsequently I saw an image on a forum created by the AutoPainter app that I really liked.  So yesterday I bought the AutoPainter HD app on my iPad and began playing around with the effects created by turning the image into a painting.  I used all 4 artistic styles and picked the one in the final image (shown at the top of this post) as my favorite.

Just so you can see what I picked from, here are the other 3 styles the app created.  Which do you like?  For the final image I added the frame from the PhotoStudio app.

Isn't this stuff just so fun!

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