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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Joe goes to Moab

Our recent weekend trip to Moab and Arches National Park was so enjoyable.  We got in some hiking to many natural arches, some Jeep climbing all over the redrock country, some white water rafting on the Colorado River and even a large vintage and custom car show that took over the town (and all the hotels and motels which made us end up in tents at the local KOA campground).  Over the next few posts you will see some of the results from that trip.

First is today's shot of one of the natural bridge arches in Arches National Park.  Visiting Arches National Park in late April is perfect.  The weather is still cool to moderate, the sun is shining and the crowds are not yet everywhere you turn (at least in the National Park--if you come on car show weekend they are absolutely nuts in town).  Anyway, Joe came along on some of our hikes and the first shot includes evidence that he was with us.

Joe goes to Moab

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