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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cadillac Lady

I recently attended a vintage and custom car show that literally took over the town of Moab, Utah.  Hundreds of cars--all parked for display Saturday morning in the park.  Friday and Saturday nights they cruised Main Street for several hours putting on a show for the locals.  I was looking over one Cobra parked on the street on Saturday night and was taking several pictures.  Soon the owner came over and struck up a conversation with me and slyly slipped a For Sale sign on the seat.  He wanted me to know that I could buy it from him for only $50,000.  It was a beauty though.  Today's post is the classic Cadillac Lady hood ornament from around 1937 I believe.  (I thought I would just be able to Google the image and find out since I don't remember the sign on the car that was displayed.  Man, I never knew there were so many Flying Lady hood ornaments.)

Cadillac Lady

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  1. Proud and free, classy woman; reminds me somewhat of Dagny Taggart's character in ATLAS SHRUGGED. Stunning photo.