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Loving my camera on the iPhone and photo processings apps.... Here you will find the results of my personal creativity challenge--posted one picture a day for years-now it happens a lot less. The post processing is done using only iPhone or iPad apps. Explore! Enjoy!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Rappelling--Joe style

Joe had to do a little reppelling to make a fast, Ninja getaway.  When he doesn't have his climbing harness he just improvises and wraps the rope (or yarn, in this case) aound his neck.  Since he is a Lego guy there is not too much risk--unless he lets the pressure build up around the neck which could cause his head to pop right off....  In this case, he make his escape, kept his head on and lived to tell the story.

Rappelling--Joe style
iPhone 5, ProCamera, Filterstorm, PhotoStudio

Original image:

Original image

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