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Sunday, November 3, 2013

At ease men!

I stood around the airport for about 40 minutes waiting for an arriving passenger.  Actually I was waiting for the love of my life who just spent the last week playing mom and grandmother across the country with grandchild number seven.  A lonely week for me but a great week for her.  The entire time I waited these three young men stood just like this.  Clearly military guys doing what they have been trained to do.  Here they were though in the airport and they literally did not move their feet from this stance for 40 minutes.  They would talk a bit and move slightly, but not much.  No matter the crowds and the many arriving passengers that passed by, they stood their ground.  Me?  I had to sit.  About 3 minutes of standing like this turns my sciatic nerve on and sends fire down my butt and leg.  Maybe I am just a little jealous that I am not young enough to do such a thing as this.  After watching them for over 30 minutes I just had to walk up behind them and capture this picture for today's post.

At ease men!
iPhone 5, ProCamera, Filterstorm, PhotoStudio, not much post-processing on this one--slight cropping, a little saturation tweak, a bit of sharpening, a light vignette and a frame.

Original image:

Original image

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