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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fry Sauce with that?

Where's Waldo today?  Of course the big hint is just where in the country do you find Fry Sauce outnumbering ketchup by two to one?  Those who know and have been here in Utah instantly know the answer.  Especially when you travel to other locations throughout the United States (except for a few places in Idaho) and cannot even find Fry Sauce.

For the benefit of everyone else here is a brief explanation.  Fry Sauce is a regional condiment used mostly for french fries.  In simple terms it is approximately two parts mayonnaise and one part ketchup.  Different spices modify it slightly.  A Utah based fast food hamburger joint claims to have invented it in the late 1940's.  Anyway, it is everywhere in Utah and cannot hardly be found in most other states.

Do you want Fry Sauce with that?

Fry sauce with that?
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