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Monday, November 11, 2013

Garage mural and parallax correction surprise solution

My brother-in-law comes from a long line of hunters.  His family has hunted all their lives.  My sister will not let him hang his trophy heads in the house so they agreed on a spot on the garage wall.  Then one day a friend came in and said, "You need a mural behind those heads."  So the friend painted this mural up on the wall.

After I took the picture I thought of all the photo processing apps that I have and could not think of one that can correct parallax (making sloping vertical lines vertical again caused by the camera tilting upwards in this case).  I probably have an app that does it but could not think of one.  I have dozens and dozens of photo processing apps and just don't remember all the capabilities each one contains.  So off I went to Google to find some help.  Turns out that the first recommendation was my scanning app--Jot Not Pro.  I had not thought about that one because I have never used it for photos.  I use it to scan documents and convert them to PDF documents.  Once I set the app with no enhancements and full size capture, I just placed the four corner marks on the painting corners and...PRESTO!  Parallax fixed!  Cool!  Now I have a new resource for photos when needed.  Since I stopped searching after I found this solution with an app I already use regularly, I still don't know if any of the dozens and dozens of other photo apps on my iPhone or iPad will also fix parallax issues.  I left that one for another day.

Then it was off to my TouchRetouch app to remove the name plates under the mounted heads.  TouchRetouch is just the most amazing app I have.  I am constantly blown away when I just paint over the item I want removed, click on the "process" button and it magically disappears.  Its simplicity and the results, even when the areas are complicated, are just so awesome!  It really is magic. I call it my abracadabra app. I don't use this app a lot but when I do, WOW!

Anyway, today's photo may not be all that great but the garage mural is really impressive.  And I also now have a new photo processing app (even if it is not meant primarily for photos) in my quiver...

Garage mural
iPhone 5, ProCamera, JotNot Pro, TouchRetouch, Filterstorm, PhotoStudio, brother-in-law's garage wall

Original image:

Original image

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