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Loving my camera on the iPhone and photo processings apps.... Here you will find the results of my personal creativity challenge--posted one picture a day for years-now it happens a lot less. The post processing is done using only iPhone or iPad apps. Explore! Enjoy!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Tender Underside

The leaves are falling everywhere now.  Next week I am going to have to break out the rake for the beginning of its autumn work out sessions.  So I picked up a leaf, taped it flat to a sunlight window so I had some strong backlight filtering through the to the leaf's tender underside.  I actually really liked the original image below.  However, I also decided to play with a little post processing including some vertical symmetry and this final image is the result.  The images look so different that I could have easily made each one a separate daily post.  Although showing them together demonstrates just what a bit of creative post-processing can do.

Tender underside
iPhone 5, ProCamera, Ollo Clip close-up lens, Filterstorm, PhotoStudio

Original image:

Original image

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