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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Clear vision once again

The headlight lenses on my 2002 vehicle were pretty cloudy and faded.  I was beginning to wonder just how light from the bulbs even made it through the lenses.

So being a do-it-yourself type of guy--well sometimes--I decided I could fix this.  Based on some Pinterest and You-Tube educational instructions, I tried the toothpaste method.  After almost a full tube of toothpaste, lots of elbow grease and plenty of sweat, I finally concluded that the magic toothpaste method was not going to work for me.

So off to the auto parts store.  $23 later I had a headlight restoration kit--one that utilized an electric drill attachment for each stage of the process.  Boy, that is much easier than the manual method.  The clean-up, restoration process went quickly after that.

Conclusion, get the drill attachment restoration kit.  The process is easy and the results are spectacular.

Clear vision once again
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