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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Walk Toward the LIght

Many of you may recognize part of this image from a previous post.  This is another image from the series taken during my recent travels to the East Coast.  While in the Denver Airport waiting for a connecting flight I took advantage of the time to capture a few images.  No matter the large airport it seems like you have to walk forever to get anywhere.  I've got to say that who ever invented the carry-on bags with wheels deserves a medal.  I am old enough to remember the days before we had wheels and my shoulders still feel the weight of my bags as I schlepped around airports carrying all the weight on my skinny little body.  Yep, wheels on bags ranks right up there as one of the best inventions yet--not quite as high as indoor plumbing but high on the list anyway.  

Walk Toward the Light

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