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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Self Portrait -- at the lake

Being off the grid for a week of vacation with family and friends was the best!  Lots of sunshine, good company, plenty of on-the-water time with no email or cell phone connections.  As the result of the plentiful sunshine, the campground trails were always in their dusty road status.  The sunshine and the dust makes for today's post--a self portrait at the lake.  Lucky for me that I finally found a sunscreen lotion product that does not cause an allergic reaction rash on my skin.  Only those using the active ingredients of zinc oxide and titanium oxide are tolerable on my skin.  Too many years of using the other stuff has taken its toll I guess.  So by staying coated with the right stuff I avoided coming home with any sunburn after seven days in the sun.  Now if I could only find a product that would give me back the body of my youth to make it through the week without needing another full week to fully recover from the activities of the vacation week.....

Self Portrait--at the lake

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