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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nickel Three Cent coin

I was sorting through a collection of old silver dimes for a relative who had collected over 600 of them.  The oldest of the coins was this 1870 coin.  Wow, I thought!  I have never seen such an old dime.  On the reverse side it has a large Roman number III.  After a little web search I discovered that this coin is not a dime at all.  It is a Nickel Three Cent piece.  Hmmmm, not being a coin collector, I certainly had never heard of such a thing.  Interesting history this Three Cent Nickel.  It was originally designed when postage dropped from five cents to three cents and folks wanted an easy-to-handle, small denomination coin.

Nickel Three Cent coin
iPhone 5, ProCamera capture app set for a square format, OlloClip close-up lens, Filterstorm for some tweaks in Curves, Saturation and Sharpness, and PhotoStudio for a vignette and the framing.

The original image out of the camera is shown below:

Original image

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