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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Watch your head--English style

So our company just purchased a 1977 British double-decker bus.  The interior had been completely renovated and turned into limo style seating and the bus is a party bus.  Of course the guys who were sent to buy in and drive it across the country to our location did not think it was much of a party.  Top speed is 45 mph and a 1,200 mile trip was more of an adventure than a party.  Especially when it broke down before reaching its new home and had to be towed the last leg.  Now it is begging for a new engine--know any 1977 British bus engine suppliers in the Mountain West--and a new wrap to brand it for our company.  Soon we will be rocking in the new party bus.  In the meantime, watch your head as you step off the bus, the clearance is low.  Or, in English style, "Mind Your Head"...

Watch your head--English style
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