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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunset at the lake--HDR style

The very best time to visit Lake Powell, Utah and Arizona and spend time on a houseboat is in the pre-season or the post-season.  During the summer season it is far too hot outside, the crowds are almost unbearable and its hard to find a quiet, solitary spot for your houseboat.

We have been going to the lake for years in the mid-September/early-October time and it has been fabulous.  This is our fist time going in mid-May.  Mid-May is almost as good although the water is slightly colder but not enough to make a big difference.  It is warm during the day, cool at night and there are virtually no people around.  The marinas are still full of boats.

Another benefit of the pre-season is that the houseboat has not been trashed all season by the other timeshare owners--it is fresh and ready for the upcoming season.

Loving our visit to the lake.  Another day comes to an end at the Wahweap Marina in Arizona on Lake Powell.  The sun sets--HDR style.

Sunset at the lake--HDR style

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