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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yep, worth the wait--DC Cupcakes

Worth the wait for a lousy cupcake?  Well, I wouldn't know because these at DC Cupcakes in Georgetown are not lousy....  And the Pink Velvet flavor is to die for!

I can't believe the popularity of this place.  But boy, are they ever good.  It reminds me of the craze when Mrs. Fields Cookies and Krispy Kreme Donuts first came out.  I wonder how long the craze will last.  And it is a craze.  The wait was over an hour for us to just get in the door and probably another 20 minutes before we had these babies in our hands ready to eat.

Hint--check out their Twitter feed for the day, discover the daily secret flavor and then be one of the first in line.  The first 100 people to tell the clerk the secret flavor of the day get a free cupcake of that flavor.

Second hint--stop by 7th Hill Pizza for the best pizza in the USA!  A dive looking place with killer pizza!

DC Cupcakes

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