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Friday, April 26, 2013

Toll Tag

One of the great inventions--the toll tag.  Not that I like tolls mind you.  But not having to stop, wait in line, dig out the correct change, toss it in the bucket, wait for the arm to rise and then go again is the greatest part of the reality of having to pay tolls in life.  Stick this on the windshield and drive right through without slowing down.  Of course, where I live there are no toll collecting gates, this pass just lets me drive in the carpool lane when only one person is in the car.  With my long commute each day this comes in really handy many times.  Does it rank right up there with the greatest inventions of all time--like indoor plumbing?  No, but it is somewhere in the top portion of the list for commuters....

Toll Tag

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