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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Front yard spring time tulips

The quandary this year was how to save the tulip buds.  Deer that wander through the neighborhood often eat the buds for breakfast.  This has been a big issue in the neighborhood.

So the local nursery tried to sell us some bottled coyote urine as a sure cure.  Hmmmm, did not have to think long about that cure.  Our own boy is grown, married and has moved away so no more little boy urine in the front yard either.

The internet came to our rescue next.  Somewhere we discovered another natural, home remedy for deer repellent.  Human hair.  So my wife convinced her hair dresser to sweep up a pile of human hair at the salon and bag it.  The hair was spread throughout the sprouting tulips.  No one notices the hair, the air does not smell like urine from any creature and the tulip buds survived the normal deer eating stage.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  But we get to enjoy the blooms this year..... 

Front yard spring time tulips

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