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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Feeling Healthy

So far so good with my New Year's resolution of eating better--more healthy stuff and less garbage.  I have finally found the right mix of ingredients in my morning smoothie that works for me.  By the time this is mixed up (and yes, there is no question of "Will It Blend?"  It does blend!) I have a quart of smoothie to go with my scrambled eggs that are pretty much fried in coconut oil.  The smoothie doesn't look so good because of the green color from the spinach and kale.  But it does taste a whole lot better than the V8 vegetable juice I used to drink.  Maybe "I could have had a V8" but this is much healthier and better tasting to boot!  Here's hoping I can keep it up.....  Cheers!

Feeling Healthy

The half of banana was absent for the photo opp so a stand-in was created.  It finally came to the party after everything was loaded up and partially blended.

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