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Friday, November 23, 2012


No matter where you roam, one thing is consistent.  When you are in the US, you know what you get when you visit the Golden Arches.  No, I didn't really eat here.  I just stayed in the hotel next door and captured this image while waiting for the airport shuttle.

Of course this was not in the original plan--the hotel stay, I mean.  United Airlines cancelled the first of three flights of my itinerary.  They rescheduled flight #2 and #3 and booked me on a replacement flight #1with Delta Airlines.  However, this meant I had to stay at a hotel after flight #1 and wait an entire day to then resume my itinerary.  So, thanks to United, I lost an entire day of my planned vacation.  The replacement Delta flight was also delayed by over 6 hours.  Not a great way to start out a vacation.  Oh yea, because United blamed the cancelled flight due to weather conditions, they would not pay for the hotel I had to obtain because of the lost travel day.


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