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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Iron Man

Just another day at the office.  Oh, but on this day lunch was special.  It was our annual company hot dog and hamburger picnic and hot dog eating contest.  Our department had two contestants vying for the crown--one a past champion trying to regain the trophy and bragging rights.

A hot dog eating contest is a sight to behold.  This was my first opportunity to be present at such an event.  Contestants had a short time--the length of a long song or about 4-5 minutes--to down as many large hot dogs and buns (they don't count if you don't eat the buns too) as possible.

Unbelievable what a serious eater can do!  Man the hot dogs and buns were stuffed in, semi-chewed and almost inhaled.  At the end of the music the current reigning champion demonstrated his continued dominance of the event.  He won for the second straight year.  Congratulations Mike!

Anyway, that is a long introduction to today's image which was taken Mike's trophy.  A bit of post-processing using Filterstorm for cropping, mostly curves work and some saturation and then finished off in PhotoStudio for the frame wraps up the image.

Iron Man

Just for some perspective, below is the initial photo before any post-processing:

Initial image

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