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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Icemeister

At the top of the bobsled run in the Utah Olympic Sports Park is a monument dedicated to The IceMeister--the guy who was master of the ice on the winter bobsled run built for the Park City 2002 Winter Olympic games.  He died of cancer and this monument was built in his honor.  It stands overlooking the valley.  We sat next to this monument a week ago as we received our pre-bobsled, summer ride briefing.  "Rough ride, 4 G's of force, no wimps allowed......"  Man was she ever telling the truth.  That ride was like being strapped into an electric paint can shaker mounted at the end of a 50 foot whirling boom on a centrifugal force machine.  But I digress....  This monument reminded me of a ball and catcher in jai alai.

The Icemeister

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