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Loving my camera on the iPhone and photo processings apps.... Here you will find the results of my personal creativity challenge--posted one picture a day for years-now it happens a lot less. The post processing is done using only iPhone or iPad apps. Explore! Enjoy!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Golden Light Sunset

I love the golden light that sometimes illuminates my neighborhood at the magical sunset time.  Living in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains gives me the opportunity to see this magic light on the hillsides. It reminds me of the Alpenglow effect even though it is not truly Alpenglow (which comes only from reflected sunlight rather than direct sunlight).  Yet, it is almost as magical to me.  On days when this golden light effect is present, I just want to sit on the porch and bask in the magical effect it has on my soul.  Today's image is helped with some HDR and saturation effects to make this golden light sunset really pop.  Although this is more saturated than the actual scene, this is how I see these sunset effects in my mind--a brilliant golden light enveloping the hills like a burning, yet soothing, fire.

Golden Light Sunset

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