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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Will it blend?

Now here is a branded corporate headquarters entrance!

I stopped by the corporate headquarters of Blendtec yesterday because I was driving by and because my Blendtec blender container had a leaking seal.  The seal between the blade and the exterior gear had worn out and was leaking.

This is not a new problem.  I actually bought my Blendtec blender a long, long time ago.  In fact, it was not even labeled a Blendtec but is a K-Tec blender.  Over the years the company changed the name to Blendtec and has since branded its products with Blendtec.  So yes, I had a Blendtec blender long before they became famous.  I love it so much!  I have personally convinced dozens of people over the years to go out and buy the Blendtec blender for the best blending experience ever.  I am a raving fan.

I now have over 2,500 blends on my blender motor (yes the blender counts the cycles).  However, over the years the seal on the container has repeatedly broken down and leaked.  I have now gone through three blender containers.  Not a good omen for my favorite kitchen appliance.

So this time I hand carried my third broken container into the corporate headquarters to discuss this repeated problem.  I had it so long it was no longer under warranty.  However, the lady at the front desk was very kind and super friendly.  She could not find me in their system--not too surprising since I bought the blender so very, very long ago.  So she added me to the system, gave me a new container and registered the new container in the system.  Even though the container was out of warranty, she did not ask me to pay for a replacement.

Yes they have had a product issue with this leaking seal.  But WOW!  What great and friendly customer service.  And by the lady at the front desk!  She did not even have to send me to a customer service person.  She handled it herself and I walked away impressed!  Thank you Blendtec!

And I love their new headquarters building entrance.  I just had to grab a picture of it.

Will it blend?  (if you have not seen the YouTube videos under the "Will it blend?" channel, you are missing some great fun)

Yes, it blends!

Will it blend?
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