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Loving my camera on the iPhone and photo processings apps.... Here you will find the results of my personal creativity challenge--posted one picture a day for years-now it happens a lot less. The post processing is done using only iPhone or iPad apps. Explore! Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Squeezed for time

In a hurry?  Squeezed for time?  Too much to do, too little time?  Late?

Time marches on regardless.

 Life offers you two precious gifts; one is time (we all have the same amount each day) and the other is freedom of choice.  The freedom to buy what you will with your time.  You are free to exchange your time, trade your time, invest your time, or spend your time however you choose.  Choose wisely as time marches on.....

Squeezed for time
iPhone 5, ProCamera, Olloclip fisheye lens, Filterstorm, PhotoStudio, grandfather clock face

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