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Monday, July 29, 2013

Ninja Warrior Training

With all the many miniseries programs hitting the airwaves, Joe has been after me to produce a miniseries of his life.  He want even more exposure than just the occasional post in my blog.  After negotiating heavily with his agent we finally agreed to some terms.  I agreed to give the next five daily posts to Joe and get his increased exposure.  Of course the terms of our agreement are confidential so you will never know what Joe agreed to do for me.

This first post starts of the series by peeking in on Joe's top secret Ninja warrior training routine.  Because of the classified nature of this training I had be like a Ninja myself -- sneaking in and grabbing this picture while all the while risking a full-on Q-tip attack by a Ninja army of little Lego warriors....

Ninja warrior training

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