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Friday, December 20, 2013

Time is getting short. Guess I'd better decorate the tree.

At least there is a tree in the family room.  A real tree this year for the first time in over 20 years.  I pulled out the aging artificial tree and was contemplating the time and effort to set it up when my youngest daughter called from college.  She talked me into getting a real tree since she had never had one in her entire life.  Her older sister was allergic to them so they were banned before the youngest was born.  Now that the older sister lives across the country and the youngest is coming home for Christmas--well, she talked me into it.  It wasn't too hard as I got thinking--it would be easier and faster to drive down and buy a real tree and put it in the family room than the effort and time it would take to set up the artificial tree.  Sold!  Even better--when it comes time to take down the tree all I have to do is drag it out to the front curb on the day the city picks them up for composting. was a no-brainer.  Decorations still need to be hung on the tree though.  It's time.

Time is getting short.  Guess I'd better decorate the tree.
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