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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In-N-Out Secret Menu Combination

Sometimes its boredom that helps me capture the images used later for my daily posting.  As I reflect on many of the daily images I have posted over the last year I can think of many that were the result of having a few extra moments of spare time on my hands.  In times like this I look around and take pictures of whatever happens to be nearby.

So is the story with today's image combination taken at the local In-N-Out hamburger restaurant.

In-N-Out Secret Menu Combination

You see it started when I was sitting at a table waiting for my In-N-Out order to be prepared (ordered off the In_N_Out secret menu of course--the regular menu is much too plain).  I turned my camera up and took a picture of the light hanging over the table.

Hanging table light
Next it was a picture of one of their chairs on the tiled floor.

In-N-Out chair
So far, not too much in the way of interesting images.  After eating my secret menu burger and finishing the day's activities, I took a little time to see what was on the camera roll.  After playing around in post processing with Filterstorm on the light, I wondered how a combination might look.  I opened my Blender app and went to work combining parts of each image.  A little touch of my regular image frame found in PhotoStudio and I finished off the image of the day--the first image above.  All a result of some ordinary ingredients combined in a bit of their own secret menu....

Hungry yet?  

BTW, my favorite In-N-Out burger is the double meat burger, mustard fried with grilled onions, no pickle, no sauce, plus ketchup on an extra toast bun.  Now that's a burger!

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